Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

I am also Editor of Benchmarks, the official publication of the Soft Coated Wheaten terrier Club of America.  You can view current and past copies here....

Grand Champion Moonstruck Cosmic Cruiser


A Treasure son

winning an esteemed award at the

2018 Royal Canin National Dog Show.

This beautiful metal art sculpture was custom made for me by

John and Jan McKamey
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My Beloved Treasure, 

   GCH Clover's Moonstruck  Reflection of Greentree

I developed this website to communicate about myself, my dogs, and to educate the prospective Wheaten buyer...please click on the red links to learn as much as possible about the SCWT. Because of my dedication to this breed and conscientious    

breeding  practices, I have been designated a "Breeder of Merit"                                                       by the American Kennel Club (AKC).
While the AKC plays an important role in the dog venue and in educating                                         buyers, being listed as a breeder by them is no garuantee you are dealing with a reputable breeder.  Being a "Breeder of Merit" is important, however, the true test of a responsible and reputable breeder of SCWTs is membership in  the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America, (the official US breed club) or being referred by a member.
With the overpopulation of dogs in the U.S. (approx. 4-5 million animals are euthanized each yr) the only responsible reason for to improve the breed.  My goal is to produce healthy, well socialized Wheatens that positively contribute to the breed and conform to  AKC standards. 


If you are looking to add a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier to your family...please do your homework! 
Because of the wonderful temperament and desirable characteristics of this breed, they are extremely popular.  Now many 
Puppy mills (99% of all pet store puppies come from Puppy mills) and  backyard breeders exploit that, breeding for profit only.  Many of these puppy mill and backyard bred pups end up in shelters due to troublesome  temperaments, or suffer serious health problems (ranging from chronic skin allergies to kidney disease) that are expensive to manage and sometimes fatal.  "Cost of ownership" for a poorly bred Wheatencan be exorbitant...far outweighing the initial cost of a "quality" Wheaten from a reputable breeder.
A breeder who also shows their dogs, is your best resource for a quality puppy. They are devoted to breeding healthy, high quality dogs that accurately represent breed type and that wonderful Wheaten temperament.

I currently have 1 Champion female, Treasure, in my home (see her under "Meet Our Dogs"), who is  my beloved pet.  In addition I co-own numerous other dogs that I have bred or co-bred.  I breed 1 litter a year on average, so I only have pups available occasionally. When I do not have pups available, I can refer to other responsible breeders in Florida and elsewhere that I know personally.  Each breeding is carefully researched and planned to select dogs that compliment one another in every way possible.  In some cases, when the best combination (for quality, temperament, and health) means using a stud dog across the Country, we breed via shipped semen and use artificial insemination.  Selecting the best mate is not based on what's most convenient or less costly, rather, what's right for my breeding program.  My dogs and pups are kept and raised in my home.
In each litter there are pet quality as well as show potential youngsters. I live in South Florida, and I DO NOT SHIP PUPPIES.  All pups are sold with contractual agreements.  Pet quality pups are to be neutered to ensure the quality of this breed is protected.  Show pups have other special contractual requirements. Every puppy I breed, I consider my responsibility throughout it's life.  Maintaining contact with my puppy families is very important to me  to ensure owners and pups are doing well, and to follow the progress and development of my lines.  

Renal (kidney) disease, PLN, PLE, and RD in the SCWT  are a deep concern to me as a breeder. Thus my breedings are thoughtfully planned and evaluated as we strive to avoid these health issues. Many concerned breeders have brought some European/Irish lines into pedigrees to help broaden our gene pool.  Because of potential health problems, it is very important that any Wheaten is purchased ONLY through a reputable and well educated breeder, a member of the Soft Coated Wheaten terrier Club of america ( and participates in the OPEN REGISTRY  (an extensive data base that lists Wheatens who have had or produced kidney disease...designed to assist SCWTCA members in selecting healthy lines  for breeding). 
All of my dogs are DNA assessed for compatibility,
OFA (hip) certified, CERF (eyes) approved, and screened annually through blood and urine testing to ensure their ongoing health.  I also require that my pups are tested annually.   Any good breeder should be able to produce both OFA and CERF certificates for the parents of a puppy.

My name is Helen (aka Ronnie) Fraguela.  I have been an exhibitor/breeder of Soft Coated Wheaten terriers since 1975, originally as HoneyGlo, now Moonstruck Wheatens. I am a retired executive from the Biomedical industry, and I continue as a hobby breeder in South Florida. I am NOT a  kennel, puppy mill, or "backyard " breeder.  Wheaten Terriers are my only breed, and I  am deeply committed to their protection and preservation.




My commitment to the SCWT and the purebred dog fancy includes participation and support of numerous associations and activities, including;

Welcome to Moonstruck

40+ yr Membership in the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America    (The official AKC breed club)

Editor of Benchmarks, the official publication of the SCWTCA...view it online at

Participation and support of the SCWT "OPEN REGISTRY"

Membership in the                     SCWTC of Greater Tampa Bay

Membership in the                       Tampa Bay Terrier Club

Support of the AKC/CHF/GRF for research to isolate the genetic marker for renal disease in the SCWT

 To ensure getting a healthy dog,
please buy from a
reputable breeder. 
Search the SCWTCA for a listing of good, responsible, reputable breeders in your area

Note, there is also a local Florida Wheaten Club;
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Greater Tampa Bay 

Join to participate in Wheaten events and keep up with the Wheaten community.

Our first (1974) Wheaten Terrier, Scruffy, was an Irish coated pet.  He was, without exception, the silliest, funniest, and most endearing dog. We fell in love with this breed, and  I was inspired to get involved in the dog sport. It took a while to find a "show" puppy from a good breeder as they had only been recognized by the AKC in 1973.   The day I brought Melanie home (soon to become CH Holly Glen's Mistress Melanie), was the start of my "labor of love".