Lulu after a glorious romp in the snow

        Photo by Andrea Chesinski

A side note about grooming...please click on Combing and grooming above to see a proper Wheaten trim;

Top O' The Mornin' To You... The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a medium sized sporting terrier from Ireland, where it was used as an all-around farm dog.

Wheatens are gentle, affectionate, loyal and intelligent. Their temperament is unique in the Terrier group… a delightful blend of terrier liveliness and alertness, yet more loving, quieter, and steadier.  They live to please their people, and are happiest  wherever their family is.  Wheatens are said to have “kissed the Blarney Stone” as they are happy-go-lucky clowns that love fun and children, thus making them excellent family pets.  They are extremely playful and full of silly antics throughout their lives, retaining a puppyish charm right into old age.
Wheatens are extremely outgoing and will jump and kiss visitors and family regularly.  They frequently do what I call the “LOONEY RUN”... a playful expression of their zest for life.

  • This breed has photo-sensitive eyes, thus the fall protecting their eyes should NOT be cut off.                                            
  • Leaving a large volume of hair on the cheeks blocks airflow to the ears, and sets up a perfect environment for ear infections.                                                                             
  • Additionally, their full, single coat insulates them from both HEAT as well as cold.  Shaving them down for the summer does NOT  make them more comfortable!

  • The Wise Maid1:40

CH Moonstruck Too Hot To Mombo
stunning example of adult Wheaten male


Their exuberance requires a firm but gentle and
loving hand to train, as they want nothing more than to
please and be loved. 
Their coat is soft and silky, and best of all, it DOES NOT SHED!  They are usually born quite dark in color as you can see from the photos here and at the top of the page, as their coat grows, it develops into the adult color of ripe wheat.

1 day old on Mom                   7 week old with Mom
Photos from Liz Jamiolkowski

There are 2 different types of coats...the Irish coat, which is sparser, but silkier and wavier.  And, the American coat, which is denser and fuller. 
 I breed the latter.

For additional and more detailed information about the breed, the breed standard, breed care and maintenance,  and potential health issues visit 

Their bodies should present a square outline with moderate length of neck. They should be 17 to 19 inches at the shoulder and weigh approximately 30 to 38 pounds; males being slightly larger than females. Please refer to the AKC breed Standard.

Because they don’t shed, and their coat continually grows, they require regular combing and grooming or they will matt.  This is not the breed for individuals who do not have the time to care for the coat.  A matted Wheaten will most likely have to be shaved, losing it’s beautiful  and distinctive appearance.  A properly groomed and well maintained Wheaten Terrier is a stunning sight. 



All About Wheatens

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

"Treasure" winning her 1st four point major at six months of age, on her way to become:
GCH Clover's Moonstruck Reflection of Greentree

A matted dog that had to be shaved

An Irish coat

An American coat